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Designed to help you create a new plan for pain relief that actually works.

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If you've been suffering for three months or more this course is for you. When it comes to pain relief, ensuring you have the right plan is vital.

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Three pillars you'll learn to manage for lasting pain relief.


The first pillar is the most obvious, because it’s the physical pain that you’re dealing with right now.


The second pillar is associated with your mental state - your ability to think and rationalize. 


The third pillar is the social pillar, and for the most part, goes unchecked in the medical arena. 

Course Overview

This course is designed to help you navigate through the medical arena, create a better plan and help you get more done without exacerbating your condition. 

Are you stressed? Do you sleep well? Are your intimate relationships falling apart? These are just some of the elements of chronic pain that you’ll need to manage. We'll show you how to improve these fundamental elements and create radical changes in your quality of life.

Do you have a plan? When was the last time your doctor asked you this question? Not having a plan in place will only guarantee that you continue to suffer. We'll show you how to set up a research based plan that actually works long term.

Are you aware of the dark forces holding you back? Ever wonder why you can’t seem to feel any better? Negative thoughts, negative people and negative environments may be the reason. Discover how to create better habits to manage the ugly sides of your pain.

Your body is a masterpiece. You just need to learn how to use it. Proper nutrition and the use of alternative therapies can ignite aspects of the mind-body complex that will transform your life. Discover how to improve your health and wellbeing by using eastern and western practices.

Understanding how to use the Biopsychosocial Model for creating a “complete” treatment plan is a skill you’ll use for the rest of your life. Knowing what to include in your plan is just as important as knowing what to leave out.

At the end of your journey, you will understand how to master the seven elements and create a plan that’s designed to relieve your pain. You'll also have the knowledge and confidence to transform yourself and your life, as you see fit.

Let's Do This!

The medical arena is complex and designed to keep you in the system. Use a research-based process that actually works and relieve your pain .

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. The techniques we teach you can be used to "fill in the gaps" in your current plan of care. We’ll show you how to set up a different treatment plan that is personalized to your needs and wants and is backed by science.

This course will teach you how to evaluate if the person you’re working with is right for you. It will also help you create a “team” that works with you and understands your condition. For some, that means working with who they already know. For others, it will mean finding someone new.

As long as you're willing to put in 10-15 minutes a few days a week, absolutely. There are no strict rules around how much time you need to dedicate towards this program. In fact, we suggest you stick to one section per week and practice taking the recommended action steps to heal yourself.

It’s always recommended you get cleared by your physician before starting ANY course online. With that being said, this course will not require you to do any exercises. If you have any concerns of whether your condition(s) are appropriate for this course, feel free to contact us.

This course is designed for anyone who is suffering with chronic pain. We believe that there’s always a way to improve your quality of life and decrease you pain. If you're still unsure, please ask your physician and send us a message.

This course is designed for you to “do it yourself”, so no live calls are available unless you invest in the premium mentorship program. Each section of the course will have an in-depth, follow-along video to guide you every step of the way. At the end of each section, you’ll have action steps to perform to complete your milestones. You are welcome to add on private strategy sessions for an additional fee if desired.

The course is a research-based six-week video series that shows you a step-by-step process you can use to reduce your pain. It also explain how to optimize the seven elements you can not escape (physical, mental, social, stress, sleep, sex and nutrition) and helps you create a “new” personalized plan to reduce your pain, faster than the traditional medical approach. 

No, just an open mind!

Yes, if you participate in our weekly Q&A sessions, complete the course and submit all required coursework, we will refund your money no questions asked. 

Yes! Check your email for a warm welcome letter within 24hrs.

Relief Is Possible.

Join us and start living a life with less pain!


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