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Constant Pain

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Low Energy

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High Stress

Are you always overwhelmed, anxious and worried?

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The Challenge Overview

There are four mindsets that never seem to get results. Discover what they are and how to avoid them.

Not having a plan is a major reason why most people with chronic pain continue to suffer. Discover why using an accountability partner can help you stay on track.

Positive and negative loop cycles exist for all of us. Learn how to better manage your pain by journaling your experiences.

Creating a space to "check-out" and recover is vital for long term pain relief. Discover how you can access your Zen Zone faster to reduce your pain.

Sleep is a topic that most people with chronic pain continue to struggle with. Learn how to hack your night routine to improve your chances of counting more sheep.

'Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food'- Hippocrates (400 BC). Discover what foods will actually make you feel better.

There are four elements believed to be essential to life. Water is one of them. Discover new ways to use water to drastically decrease your pain.

We'll show you how to use The Biopsychosocial Model to your advantage, so you get pain relief that can last you a lifetime.


"I was struggling with lower back pain for years and it affected my job and relationships. Pain Mentor helped me approach the pain from all angles. As a result, I reduced my pain and came away with tools that I still use today. It’s clear to me now that the Biopsychosocial Model approach is the most effective way to get results. "

Justin G.

"“I felt desperate to get my life back and was depressed with where I was. Pain Mentor helped me get my life back. It’s two years later and I continue to use the techniques I learned every day.”"

Tara D.

"To some, chronic pain is just a phrase. To those of us who experience it daily or weekly, we know better. The fastest way to treat chronic pain is through proper education. Pain Mentor helped me understand how to create a better plan for myself, which completely changed my life!"

Kim K.

"“I was living with daily pain for years. Pain Mentor helped me begin a life journey of mindful eating, sleeping and exercising. The work I did opened doors to other avenues of mindful living. My quality of life has substantially improved.”"

Geanine B.

"As a mother of two boys and someone who is always working, I didn't have much time to manage my pain. Pain Mentor helped me follow a simple process that improved the quality of my sleep, decreased my pain and generally made me feel better."

Karina T.

You Will Get...

Faster Relief

You'll get faster pain relief when you follow our roadmap.

More Energy

As your pain decreases, you'll see your energy levels rise.

Less Stress

We'll show you how to stay calm and carry on.

Let's Do This!

Use a research-based process that works to relieve your pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. This challenge will work if you commit to the challenge. If you still have questions or concerns, we are here for you. Just click the support tab and ask us anything.

Yes. This challenge is designed for anyone who is suffering with chronic pain. We believe there's always a way to improve your life and relieve you pain.

Yes. This challenge will also teach you how to evaluate if the person you’re working with is right for you.

Yes! As long as you're willing to invest 15-minutes a few days a week, absolutely. There are no strict rules here, but we suggest you stick to one video per day.

No, just an open mind!

Yes! If we can't help you reduce your pain or improve your quality of life we will gladly refund your money. 

What's Next?

You can do nothing and remain in pain. You can keep searching for relief, or you can use a roadmap to finally feel better.


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