Nov 25, 2019

If you can hear me, clap once. If you can hear me, clap twice.

Did you ever have a teacher in school who used this trick to get the students to quiet down and pay attention? Everyone would be talking, and the teacher—trying not to yell—would get students to start clapping until everyone was listening.

If you have chronic pain, clap once. There are a lot of voices trying to give you information. The first step to relief is to quiet down, focus, and listen for the one with the answers to your questions.

Let me explain:

The chronic pain industry is full of complexity. Trust me, I’ve worked as a physical therapist for almost a decade and had to learn how to navigate it myself. From all of my experience and study, I’ve learned that you need to focus, if you want relief from your pain.

Because chronic pain is a monster. Once it has a hold on you, you will need to fight in order to win. I know, I had to face this monster dead on. It was a long fight, but I won.

I know how chronic pain can feel like a long and agonizing battle. It keeps you up at night, tired throughout the day, and leaves you completely exhausted right before bed.

But there is something you can do.

You can choose—right now—to change your life. Like me, and many others before me, you can get help and find the solution to your pain.

In my years of practice, I have discovered that chronic pain relief requires a personalized approach.

The latest research refers to the Biopsychosocial Model to manage pain. But, many doctors don’t have the time or the training to explain this process to you. And, there are too many voices shouting at you for you to find the information you need.

Here’s the problem: the current way we approach pain is outdated. We rely on pills and injections that provide short term relief. But, you and I both know those don’t work as a long term solution.

Most of us also believe that pain management is something you do on your own, when in fact, you need to have a team that supports you.

You know that something needs to change. You can’t keep using the same old tactics and expect different results.

That’s why I want to share the method I used to find real relief.

At this point, I know that you basically have three options:

  1. You can do nothing and continue to stay in pain.
  2. You can do the research, find the resources, and figure it out all on your own.
  3. You can work with a team of experts who can help and guide you.

 That’s what I can offer you. Let me show you the methodology and step-by-step process I developed to help people like you find lasting relief.

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Relief Is Possible.

Join us and start living a life with less pain!