If You Have Chronic Pain, You Need To Focus

Nov 25, 2019

If you can hear me, clap once. If you can hear me, clap twice.


Did you ever have a teacher in school who used this trick to get the students to quiet down and pay attention? Everyone would be talking, and the teacher—trying not to yell—would get students to start clapping until everyone was listening.


If you have chronic pain, clap once. There are a lot of voices trying to give you information. The first step to relief is to quiet down, focus, and listen for the one with the answers to your questions.


Let me explain:


The chronic pain industry is full of complexity. Trust me, I’ve worked as a physical therapist for almost a decade and had to learn how to navigate it myself. From all of my experience and study, I’ve learned that you need to focus, if you want relief from your pain.


Because chronic pain is a monster. Once it has a hold on you, you will need to fight in order to win. I know, I had to face this monster dead on....

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What Most Doctors Never Mention About Chronic Pain Relief

Oct 22, 2019


Where I Began

I was a little overconfident the first time I went paddle boarding. I got on the “wobble” board and thought:


            WOW! My balance sucks!


But, my friend Chris was watching and I was not about to back down. So, we paddled out towards the Port of Tampa Bay for what seemed like five minutes when—out of nowhere—a boat came racing through the bay and caused a large wake. The wake hit my board, causing me to lose balance and jump into the water.




I hit the ground. The ground I thought was below 12 feet of water. My ankle twisted under the impact and left me in shock and excruciating pain, in the middle of the bay.


Next thing I know, I’m headed for the emergency room. A series of x-rays, a prescription for pain pills, and a cast with crutches followed suit.



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Why I Couldn’t Stay Quiet Anymore

Sep 23, 2019

Consider the last time you found a new product that changed your life, like an app that helps you save money or a cleaning spray that cleans your house twice as fast. What did you do? You probably told everyone you know about it so they could benefit, too.


Well, when I experienced relief from my chronic pain, I knew I had to share my solution. It became my calling. I started developing a method to relieve chronic pain. For years, only a select few benefited from working with me one-on-one as I tested my method. But, I knew others were suffering, so I got to work and created the Pain Mentor Program.


The Pain Mentor Program is a step-by-step method that helps you make a plan to reduce your chronic pain—whatever the diagnosis may be. 


As an experienced doctor of physical therapy, I’ve had the opportunity to treat a multitude of different patients and work with some great surgeons, chiropractors, and pain management specialists in the industry.


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