Is Relief Possible?

Discover how the right plan can provide relief for people with chronic pain.

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Who We Are

Pain Mentors help people with chronic pain get relief faster than the traditional medical approach. Our training and mentoring programs are also backed by research using the Biopsychosocial Model.

Supporting Research:

What We Do

We'll help you soothe your daily suffering, relieve your mental agony, and balance the constant ups and downs of chronic pain. See what’s possible when you join our community, create a plan and work with a mentor.

What To Expect

Faster Relief

Some programs take up to 17 weeks to complete. Our programs gets you feeling better in 6 weeks or less.

More Energy

Our strategies motivate you to keep moving forward. As your pain decreases, you'll see your energy levels rise.

Less Stress

Stress increases cortisol levels, which increase pain. Instead, you'll develop strategies to release more endorphins.

More Productive

Managing your bad habits is just as important as creating new ones. We have strategies that allow you to do both.

Better Sleep

Sleep helps you feel better and heals your body. We'll show you the best ways to get longer and deeper sleep.

Positive Mood

Negative thoughts and environments tend to cause more pain. We'll show you how to stay calm and carry on.

What's Next?

The way we see it, the choice is clear. You can do nothing and remain in pain, you can keep searching or you can work with a mentor and start feeling better. 

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Relief Is Possible.

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